Holiday on PicoHoliday on Pico


Everywhere on the island we meet the giant, in the shape of the mountain, which rises from the sea and reaches into the clouds. In the narratives of the dramatic battles between fragile whaling boats and mighty sperm whales for the precious oil. In the people who, using all their strength, transformed the dark lava stone into houses, vineyards and arable land.

Pico travelers enter a small world created over the centuries by whalers, farmers, and fishermen. The island offers high-contrast vacation experiences. From the bare rock walls of an extinct volcano, there figs and vines full of sweet fruits, here breathtaking wide views, there cozy villages towering high above the sea.

The scattered villages hidden along the coast between the vineyards and green vegetation have a very characteristic appearance on Pico. The houses are built from dark lava blocks, and the gardens and flower pots are green and blooming everywhere. Colorful fishing boats dance on the water in small harbors.

In the cities of Lajes, São Roque and Madalena you can find interesting evidence of centuries-old history and art.

 Watch whales Swimming with dolphins

The Azores archipelago is a real playground for whales and dolphins. There are overwhelming moments to watch the animals in their natural environment. The view from the sea to the coasts of the islands and the encounter with the whales and dolphins will remain unforgettable for you.